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This one-day course is appropriate if you are a regular user of Excel and are confident with Excel techniques such as formula creation, naming of cells, list sorting and filtering, PivotTables, data validation techniques, worksheet protection, and recording of simple macros.

Prerequisite skills/knowledge:
It is assumed you have strong general computing skills, are familiar with the Windows environment and have attended an intermediate course or have equivalent experience with Excel.

Topics include:

  • review of intermediate spreadsheet concepts/features
  • “what-if” analysis (goal seeking, scenario manager, data tables, Solver)
  • lookup and error checking functions
  • creating user-defined functions
  • consolidating data and linking worksheets and workbooks
  • review of Pivot Tables
  • manipulating external data using Pivot Tables
  • statistical analysis using the Analysis Toolpak add-in
  • using styles
  • creating and using workbook templates
  • creating and editing macros using Visual Basic for Applications

At the completion of the course you should be familiar with a range of advanced techniques that enable the creation of sophisticated Excel workbooks.

This course covers Excel versions 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 on the PC, and 2011 and 2016 on the Mac.


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