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Excel Data Analysis for Managers

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The Quill Consultancy


A two-day introduction to the features of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA – Excel) as a means of automating procedures in Excel designed for advanced users of Excel.

Prerequisite skills/knowledge:
You should have good general computing skills, be familiar with the Windows environment and have extensive experience with Excel; knowledge of conditional formatting, data consolidation and PivotTables would be a particular advantage (although no previous experience with Office macros, VBA or programming in general is assumed). Attendance at an intermediate and/or advanced level course in Excel, or equivalent experience, is assumed.

Topics include:

  • recording and running a macro to format cells
  • obtaining user input during a macro
  • introduction to using variables in modules
  • relative v absolute recording
  • viewing a VBA module
  • editing a VBA module
  • automating a data consolidation process
  • assigning a macro to a button or graphic
  • creating user defined functions
  • using the Immediate Window
  • creating an Excel “add-in” file
  • using the VBA editor
  • using comments, breakpoints and indents
  • testing and debugging VBA code
  • automating the creation and manipulation of a PivotTable using VBA
  • using variables and arrays
  • overview of the Excel Object Model
  • using workbook and worksheet objects
  • prompting for user input
  • using IF to make decisions
  • looping through code
  • creating and running a custom form
  • programming custom forms
  • creating a custom menu
  • assigning macros to menu commands
  • programming automatic events

At the completion of this course you should be able to record and edit VBA code to automate a range of Excel tasks