[ppmaccordion][ppmtoggle title=”Who is Quill?“]

Quill is a classroom training and consultancy company that was established over 20 years ago in Hobart, Australia. The primary mission of the company is to help clients, both corporate and educational institutions, reach their learning objectives.

To learn more about the company, visit our About Us page.

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[/ppmtoggle][ppmtoggle title=”Why should we train with you?“]

Our team has more than a decade’s worth of experience in training and consultancy services. This experience is primarily in the ICT industry. Our senior technical trainer, Luke Duffy, has 15 years’ worth of expertise and experience from various corporate and private clients.
David Pitt our lead applications trainer has over 20 years training experience.

To learn more about our training programs, visit our Training Solution page.

[/ppmtoggle][ppmtoggle title=”What are the training courses being offered?“]

We offer a variety of elearning software programs that include the following:

  • Adobe Captivate
  • Storyline Articulate
  • JavaScript
  • SQL Server
  • T-SQL
  • Excel
  • Business Intelligence
  • JQuery Web Development
  • Microsoft Official Courseware

We are continuously extending our training offerings to reflect changes in the market as new products come out. You can expect that these training courses will grow in the same way that we intend to grow as a company.

To learn more about our training courses, visit our Training Solution page.

[/ppmtoggle][ppmtoggle title=”Where are the training classes held?“]

We hold our training classes in three ways:

  • Traditional classroom setting -in our learning centre or training can be done on-site, in your office or institution.
  • Virtual classroom setting. This is similar to the first but instead of having the instructor in the classroom, they will only see him through the screen and the lessons through screen sharing.
  • Online learning setting. This is like the virtual classroom but the studying will be done based on the student’s own time. They can access the course program and learn through archived videos at their own pace.

To learn more about our classes, visit our Training Solution page.

[/ppmtoggle][ppmtoggle title=”How can I book a course?“]

To book a course, just send us an email through our Contact Us page.

[/ppmtoggle][ppmtoggle title=”What are the payment methods?“]

We accept cash, paypal or credit card payments.

[/ppmtoggle][ppmtoggle title=”Can you customize training programs?“]

Yes we can customize training programs. In our initial meeting, we can discuss your specific goals for the training outcome and any budget restrictions that you may have.

We can discuss the details in person or over the phone. Please get in touch with us through our Contact Us page.

[/ppmtoggle][ppmtoggle title=”How can I be informed of upcoming courses?“]

We have a list of courses that we offer our clients regularly. Visit our Upcoming Courses page and input your contact details so we can get back to you on the schedules.

[/ppmtoggle][ppmtoggle title=”Is it possible to reschedule booked courses?“]

Yes, you can reschedule with 14 days notice prior to course start date. Visit our Upcoming Courses page.

[/ppmtoggle][ppmtoggle title=”Is it possible to cancel a course?“]

Yes, you can cancel with 14 days notice prior to course start date.

[/ppmtoggle][ppmtoggle title=”Do you offer packages or group discounts?“]

Yes, we do. Groups of 3 or more. Contact Us for a packaged price.

[/ppmtoggle][ppmtoggle title=”How can I leave a feedback?“]

Please leave feedback via the Contact Us page.

[/ppmtoggle][ppmtoggle title=”Where can I see testimonials of previous clients?“]

Please visit our Testimonials page.