Our Response to COVID-19

We understand many people have been impacted, particularly in Melbourne and Victoria, who are experiencing extreme hardship. It’s one of the cruel ironies, that so many people now have time on their hands, but cannot afford to improve their skills and gain certification that will be vital to securing employment as we progress into the post COVID-19 world.

We understand the importance of social distancing right now. All of our classes can be attended from anywhere in the world with internet access. Our training is powered by Microsoft Teams

Training and education gives hope, and lifts moods. The ability to learn with purpose can be a powerful driver. In Melbourne, Australians will be enduring at least 5 more weeks of extreme lock down measures. Having a goal and target enhances employment outcomes can be a beacon of light for so many. The key point is that there is a purpose to learning now more than ever as getting certifications improves your potential in so many ways.

Working with our Partners, we are here to help and have created some affordable learning options. These prices are available for everyone, however if you have been impacted by COVID-19, please let us know as we may have additional benefits just for you, so please ask. These benefits can include exams inclusive of course price.

Everyone who registers and pays before the end of September will also receive a discount on learning materials to reflect the impending increases in costs as we venture out into the post COVID-19 world.

Table of courses with links to events:

CourseMicrosoft CertifiedDateDurationPrice
PL-900T00: Microsoft Power Platform FundamentalsPower Platform Fundamentals14-15 October2 days$500
AZ-900T01: Microsoft Azure FundamentalsAzure Fundamentals5 October1 day$250
DP-900T00: Microsoft Azure Data FundamentalsAzure Data Fundamentals6 October1 day$250
AI-900T00: Microsoft Azure AI FundamentalsAzure AI Fundamentals11 September1 day$250
MS-900T01: Microsoft 365 FundamentalsMicrosoft 365 Fundamentals27 August1 day$250
AZ-104T00: Microsoft Azure AdministratorAzure Administrator Associate14-17 September4 days$1000
AZ-204T00: Developing solutions for Microsoft AzureAzure Developer Associate23-27 November5 days$1250
AZ-500T00: Microsoft Azure Security TechnologiesAzure Security Engineer Associate2-5 November4 days$1000
MS-700T00: Managing Microsoft TeamsTeams Administrator Associate19-22 October4 days$1000
MS-500T00: Microsoft 365 Security AdministrationSecurity Administrator Associate16-19 November4 days$1000
MS-600T00: Building applications and solutions with Microsoft 365 core servicesDeveloper Associate21-25 September5 days$1250
DA-100T00: Analyzing Data with Power BIData Analyst Associate7-9 October (Boot Camp)4 days$1000