Privacy Policy

Quill understands the importance of protecting the personal information of every visitor on the website. The policy that we follow when dealing with any personal information that clients disclose to the company is explained below. The personal information that will be collected from visitors will depend on their intentions of using the website. All information disclosed will always be treated as strictly confidential.

For personal information collected from visitors when using the public site.

Quill does not use “cookies” or any other software or hardware techniques to collect or use the personal information of visitors on the website. The only tracking that the company will use is intended to look at the number of hits the site receives and the domain from which the site is accessed. This helps Quill determine the behavior of visitors that are interested in the company. The company may also look at the top 20 search words used in connecting visitors to the site.

The personal names of those who request information from or about Quill through our email are automatically added to our database as “clients.” Every client is given a username and password so they can view and update the personal information that is used by the company. Clients are allowed to choose their areas of interest that will enable them to control the information that they will receive from Quill. Anyone who does not wish to receive information, updates, and other forms of communication from V-Learn can notify the company through our Contact Us page so their names will be deleted from the client list.

For personal information collected when logging onto the site, how Quill acquires and uses it.

Visitors who choose to log onto the website and read or download information will enable Quill’s Internet Service Provider/Hosting Provider to record their server address, domain name, date and time of visit, pages viewed, and the downloaded information. This will be used for statistical and website development purposes only.

Any information that the visitor emails to a friend through the “email a friend” function on the site will be recorded by the company. This includes the email address of the recipient that may be used for the company’s marketing purposes.

The information collected from visitors will be used to send emails about content that may be relevant to the chosen areas of interest. It can also be used to update visitors about forthcoming events, products, and services that might be of interest to them.

Circumstances that will make us disclose information about you.

Quill has a strict policy about selling or passing on information of visitors or clients unless given consent by the owner of the information to do so. The only exception is when V-Learn is required by the law to disclose the information.

How emails are handled.

Quill preserves the contents of email messages that are sent to the company by visitors. This is done only out of legal requirements.

In case of inaccurate information.

In the event that the visitor believes that V-Learn holds inaccurate or outdated information, get in touch with the company through the Contact Us page. This will allow V-Learn to review the relevant information from visitors and clients.

Contact the company for issues and concerns about this policy.

If visitors and clients have any concerns or issues to discuss the privacy policy, get in touch with the company through the Contact Us page.


The information provided on this website is for general use only and is not intended to rely upon, nor to be a substitute for, specific professional advice. Quill will not hold any responsibility for loss, damage, or negative consequence that results from the use of the information on this site without professional consent.