Quill training courses are conducted only by highly professional trainers with many years of experience in the field, particularly with Microsoft applications for both PC and Mac.

We have had experience in large and small computing environments. Each contract that we undertake is carried out with the client’s needs in mind. Because we research and write our own training courses they can be easily and swiftly tailored to suit the needs of clients.

We are skilled at communicating difficult concepts to a wide range of people. We do not use unnecessary jargon, nor do we assume that all course participants have the same needs. Our training staff are predominantly full-time employees of the company although we will engage contractors when the needs of clients are best served by doing so. All instructors have undertaken intensive training courses in a range of software applications. Most have tertiary qualifications in teaching and are Microsoft accredited. Most have Certificate IV in Workplace Training (Category 2) accreditation or similar.

We are firmly committed to the view that training should equip people with an understanding of the principles at work in their software. We do not use a drill-and-practice approach which forces people into a step-by-step method of learning without explaining why. This means that our course participants are better able to solve problems, to understand how to build on their learning, and to use their software more confidently.

We have experience in introducing newcomers gently to computer systems and packages, particularly those who feel intimidated by computers.

As well as running computer training courses, The Quill Consultancy produces both printed and electronic self-paced training material to support the implementation of computer systems into organisations. Many organisations find that it is impracticable to bring groups together for classroom-based training, usually because there is a large audience that is widely dispersed geographically. Self-paced training is an effective alternative.

We can also prepare and conduct training needs analysis surveys to ensure that the training undertaken by an organisation’s staff is closely aligned with the organisation’s needs.